Geo Targeted Advertising

Welcome to, powered by - World's leading Geo redirection and traffic optimization service. Here at, we help Internet and affiliate marketers to serve geo-targeted advertisement on their websites.

How We Help

  • Geo targeting is fundamental in the world of display advertising. At, you will be able to serve different image ads based on your visitors' geographic locations.
  • For affiliates, some offers and landing pages only accept leads and sales from specific geographic locations. Therefore, if visitors from the United States click on an ad that links to a Canadian offer, conversions will not count and you lose 100% of the value on the visitors.

Our Technology

We have full integration with's API services. As a result, you get:

  • Massive and extremely accurate database of IPs. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Display geo-targeted ads to your visitors at country, state/province, and city levels.
  • Set custom weighting to each advertisement (e.g. advertise to 40% of US visitors with Ad 1, 30% of US visitors with Ad 2, 20% of US visitors with Ad 3, and 10% of US visitors with Ad 4)
  • Pass Sub ID tracking to campaign and link URLs (10 levels)
  • We help you make informed decisions. We offer extensive reporting to help you analyze and understand your data. In addition, you can download all of your ad serving data through CSV export.

Pricing Model

  • 100% Risk Free Trial (Create your account to receive 100 advertising credits)
  • $0.001 USD per successful ad serving. ($1 CPM)
  • Pay As You Go - No monthly fees. You can deposit to your account for as low as $5 to get started.
  • FREE Ad servings for repeat visitors for 30 days. (If a visitor is already served an Ad once, all the future Ads from the same user within 30 days will be FREE.)

How to Get Started

Free Trial - No Deposit Required

Seeing is Believing.

When you sign up for a free account at, you will receive 100 advertising credits - FREE. You won't be asked for your credit card or required to make a deposit. 100% Risk Free!

Geo targeting is an essential technology and strategy any serious Internet marketer should know and implement.

How It Works

Please allow us to demonstrate how easy it is to use our innovative platform:

Video: Creating Campaigns and Manage Geo Targeted Ads